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NHTSA & Adam Savage Talk Active Safety Features

Automotive safety has come a long way in a short amount of time. Though you won't find a car without them today, the three-point safety belt wasn't even invented until 1959, and vehicles weren't mandated to be equipped with them until 1968.

In the past decade, automakers have begun implementing a new approach to safety. Not only do they have passive features like seatbelts and airbags to help occupants survive a crash—they have active safety features to help avoid the crash altogether.

In a recent video series by the NHTSA, Explaining Crash Avoidance Technology,…

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3 Signs of a Failing Battery

Being able to identify when your battery is failing will allow you to keep enjoying all the luxuries that come with driving vehicles. The battery is powering the instrument panel, stereo, charging stations, GPS system, and all the lighting, so keep an eye out for the following signs.

1. Pay close attention to the battery itself. If you pop the hood you might notice a strange smell coming from the battery compartment or the casing that holds the battery is swollen to the point it appears the battery could burst.

2. Once you get the car to start, you might…
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Avoid Body Panel Damage

When dirt and dust are allowed to stay on the surface of a vehicle, they reflect ultraviolet rays in a manner that maximizes the damage that these always constant conditions present to a vehicle that is free of this pollution. Additionally, when precipitation mixes with these elements, they have an almost acidic effect on the clear coat of the car’s complex paint job. When this layer is damaged, it is not only unsightly, but the degradation of the body of the car has begun in earnest at this point.

In the winter, many roads have certain chemicals and salts…
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Important Tips for Preparing for Your Next Road Trip

Don't make the mistake of heading out on that road trip unprepared and winding up broken down in the worst possible place. Our service center has come up with the best tips for preparing for a safe road trip with your vehicle.

Consider these safety tips before you head out on that next road trip:
  • Replace wiper blades.
  • Fill wiper fluid.
  • Make sure all tires have correct air pressure.
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Save Time And Reduce Stress If Your Car Breaks Down

Most people are completely dependent on their vehicles. So when a breakdown occurs, it can be detrimental to daily life, especially if it occurs in a situation where you find yourself stranded. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prepare for such scenarios to make them easier to deal with. One simple, highly effective step is preparing an emergency roadside kit.

These kits are basically a combination of various items or tools that you keep in your car at all times. In the event of a problem, such as being stranded on the side of the road, you can…
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Windshields Need Professional Repair

Your vehicle's glass elements are reinforced. They are made to take a beating. They can take on weather, they can take on heat, cold, and more. Even though there are a lot of elements that make up these components, it's imperative to understand that things can go awry. If you get a small crack, for instance, your glass can shatter and it's very unsafe. If you have any issues with your car, don't wait to get it fixed, and seek professional windshield repair.

Repairs Require Precision

As stated above, the glass paneling across your car is…

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Get the Platinum Experience From the 2017 Ford Explorer

When you’re shopping for a family SUV that’s capable at every level, there’s no going wrong with the 2017 Ford Explorer. But if you’re looking for even more from the Blue Oval’s popular midsize offering, then we recommend climbing to the very top and opting for the Platinum trim. With chrome exhaust tips, a leather-wrapped heated steering wheel and panoramic moon roof, it’s got all the goods.

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A Party On Three-Cylinders With the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST

Although it’s one of the smallest hot hatches on the market, the Ford Fiesta ST has always had a lot of street cred. Since all ST and RS models have been folded into the Blue Oval’s Performance division, however, the automaker’s performance cars have become even more potent. By the looks of things, the 2018 model unveiled in Geneva this month will be no exception.

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What is the Reason to Regularly Change Your Oil in Your Ford?

Extending the lifespan of your car is essential to deliver its whole value. By changing the oil regularly in your Ford, this helps to ensure the condition of your vehicle. The value of your vehicle is directly correlated with how it is maintained. The most basic type of maintenance a car owner can perform is a regular oil change. Regular oil changes are typically recommended after a certain mileage or depending on how you use your car; it can differ. However, depending on the age of your specific vehicle as well as the type of oil used, this duration may…

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